Toys are our business,
and our business is fun!

Our Gallery is a visual forum where anyone
can showcase their talent,
whether it be fine art, animation, cartooning, or humor.


  • Animations

    Feel free to help yourself to our own animation library.
    These all started here! Files are available in both Flash
    format (many of which have sound) and animated
    gifs (no sound, but smaller file size).

  • LOL: Links of Laughs

    COMING SOON! Links to entertaining sites.

  • Art Gallery
    Fine artwork by some of our favorite artists.
    Feel free to submit your work and you could
    be selected with a link to your site.


...Tom Kerrigan

...Daniel Kerrigan, American Academy of Art, Chicago,
& Art Sudents League, NYC.

All work remains the copyright property of the artist; we will not actively
distribute submitted work in any way. However, by submitting,
you recognize that work can be copied and pasted from this site
and accept all responsibility for this possibility. We happen to promote
it, so if you are concerned about your work being copied, please
refrain from submitting. To showcase your talent, email your work
for review. This is a dynamic page so check back often!.....

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