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You just don't seem to hear those words like you used to. Especially with consumer products. And rarely in the toy industry. And why is that? Because most companies have become "marketing driven" as opposed to being "product driven" as they used to be. When you are product driven, you are confident and compelled to satisfy customers, before and after their purchase. When you are marketing-driven, success ends with your purchase. Today, the fun factor, or "play value", of a toy has been displaced by expensive advertising. And ultimately, it is the consumer who pays for such advertising, in any industry. At Kerrigan Toys, marketing and advertising is our ally, but not our prime-mover and our customers will not pay for incompetency in the form of poor products. At Kerrigan Toys we only pursue the design and development of toys that demonstrate strong play value, fun, and entertainment.

OUR GUARANTEE: Because of our commitment to making outstanding products, Kerrigan Toys is proud to offer you a Guarantee of Satisfaction and a full refund, less shipping, if you are not satisfied. You would only need to return your product within 14 days of purchase, including your receipt and a brief description of why you are not satisfied. These letters will assist us in better serving you in the future.

This offer is intended to lessen your risk in wasting your hard-earned dollars. I am confident that my company's products can deliver and offer great fun and countless hours of pleasure. Thank You.


Thomas J. Kerrigan

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